Dolch portable computers are designed to go anywhere you need to go. Whatever environment your "office" is in, Dolch power portables are rugged enough to handle the challenge. Behind the products you get a manufacturer that's been an industry leader, delivering unparalleled customer service and quality, for over 25 years.

Dolch was selected by Electronic Data Systems as an NMCI Strike Force partner to provide ruggedized portable PC's built to withstand rough wear and extreme environments.

Dolch provides NotePAC™ all-metal, fully sealed embarkable portables and FlexPAC™ embarkable desktop computers. FlexPACs are designed to withstand challenging indoor environments and can easily handle the shock and vibration associated with mobile personnel. The NotePAC is a rugged metal notebook designed for use anywhere — including outdoors. These systems complement traditional solutions by enabling military personnel to further extend their communications reach into any environment or situation without concern for equipment safety.

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide initiative that will make the full range of network-based information services available to sailors and marines for day-to-day activities and in war.
Details on how to order the FlexPAC (Embarkable Workstation) and the NotePAC (Embarkable Portable) under the NMCI enabling agreement can be found at

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The creation of this web page was to announce Dolch's partnership with NMCI, a military procurement company. It was the interim page leading to an eventual password protected, customer specific site.